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I got an answer to this question and it wi I got an answer to this question and it will not properly compile.

Java Swing – JOptionPane showInputDialog example

I am updating with the code I was given. Showinputeialog need this to be able to compile. The code will be under the question with the compiler errors! Computer security is an important topic, and many Web sites have minimum requirements for password formats, such as a minimum length or the requirement for using certain characters. For this assignment, you will create a Java program that will check submitted passwords for verification against minimum requirements. You will receive a zero for this lab, otherwise.

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This method will return Joptionoane true value if the password meets all of the above criteria, otherwise it will return a false value. Additionally, this program will print on the system console appropriate output as shown at the end of this document to log each verification, whether successful or unsuccessful. This log also will display the value of the password verified. This program will do not user input or other user output. Part 2 Write another program, TestPswd.

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Let's adapt our code from the previous section and have some option panes. The first thing to do is to reference the library we want to use: You can start a new project for this, if you prefer not to adapt your previous code. You should know how to create a new project by now. Just remember to change the name of the Class from Main to something else. We're going to have the class name InputBoxes for ours. Our package name will be userinput.

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Add the import line to your new project, and your code window should look like something like this: The reason for the wavy underline is that we haven't used the JOptionPane class yet. It will go away once we do. To get an input box that the user can type into, we can use the showInputDialog method of JOptionPane. We'll store the input straight into a first name variable again, just like last time. So add the following line to your main method: Double click showInputDialog.

In between the round brackets of showInputDialog type the Joptinopane that you want displayed above the input text box. We've typed "First name". Like all strings, it needs to go between double quotes. Add the following code so that we can get the user's family name:

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