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Installing Outpht can install a package and all of its non-installed dependencies by entering: When signature verification is enabled, Yum will refuse to install any packages not GPG-signed with the correct key for that repository. Yum also enables you to easily set up your own repositories of RPM packages for download and installation on other machines. Yum can be configured with new, additional repositories, or package sources, and also provides many plugins which enhance and extend its capabilities. Visual diff and merge tool python-meld3. Refer to the history section of man yum for details. What if you know you want to install the package that contains the named binary, but don't know in which bin or sbin directory that file lives?

Loftware Print Server and Label Manager Installation Guide

The first line of the above output tells us: When using RPM, on the other hand, it is important to use the rpm -i kernel command which installs a new kernel instead of rpm -u kernel which replaces the current kernel. Updating Packages You can choose to update a single package, multiple packages, or all packages at once. Note that obtaining and installing software packages from unverified or untrusted software sources other than Red Hat Network constitutes a potential security risk, and could lead to security, stability, compatibility maintainability issues. The groupid is always the term in the last pair of parentheses, such as kde-desktop and kde-software-development in this example: Preserving Configuration File Changes You will inevitably make changes to the configuration files installed by packages as you use your Fedora system.

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