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Corrected modeling quality calculation. Corrected balance changes graph in the detailed report of the account history.

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Added anchoring feature for the third point of FiboExpansion. Fixed appearance of messages in internal mailing system; 2. The contents of Results and Graphs tabs will be cleared after testing settings symbol, period, expert have been changed; 3. If orders are closed forcedly, the same comments as in the trading server will be set in them; 4. Fixed refreshing of symbols list in the popup quotes window; 5. Fixed error in scaling of Fibonacci Arcs; 7.

Remade and significantly expanded Help Files in English; 8. Fixed error of double expert deinitialization at closing of the chart; 9. Fixed looping error at recursive calls in experts; Fixed critical error of memory access at simultaneous working of many experts; Fixed receiving of news through data centers; Advanced status bar: And if there exists several access points of the server, then their list with the active connection will be displayed. The list contains all Expert Advisor optimization cache files available on the disk Optimization date, testing settings symbol, timeframe and interval and input parameters are shown for each file. You can additionally filter optimization results by the trade server.

From the result viewing mode, you can also change the optimization criterionwhich you selected at the start of optimization. It is displayed in the Results tab and determines the quality of a tested set of input parameters.

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The higher the value of the optimization criterion, the better the testing pass is considered to be. To analyze results in third-party programs, for example, Office Excel, optimization report can be saved as a file through the " Export to XML" command of the context menu. Also, the context menu features commands for exporting and importing cache files. Use these commands to transfer optimization results between different platforms. For optimize disk space usage, cache files are automatically deleted if they are not accessed within 30 days. Thus the optimization process can be interrupted at any time. Even if the process of genetic optimization is interrupted as a result of an external factor for example, a black outthe optimization will be automatically continued from the last calculated generation once you restart it.

The genetic optimization cache is stored until the optimization settings are changed or the optimization process is completed. The Visualization of Optimization Results The Strategy Tester in the trading platform provides a powerful visualization system for presenting optimization results. Open "Optimization graph". The tab contains several types of charts, you can switch between them using the context menu.

Zero line plane All kinds of graphs, except flat have a zero line or addrews if it's a three-dimensional chart. If the balance value is used as the optimization criterionthis line usually means the initial deposit, allowing to visually separate loss-making and profitable passes. In all other cases this line is drawn on the zero value of the optimization criterion. Graph of results and linear chart 1D A graph with optimization results opens by default. Each pass of an Expert Advisor with certain input parameters is displayed as a point on the graph.

The 1922 of a pass is shown on the horizontal axis, the value of the parameter that is the optimization criterion is shown on the vertical axis. The linear chart 1D shows the variation of the parameter selected as the optimization criterion vertical axis depending on one of the optimization parameters selected for the horizontal axis. To select a parameter for the horizontal axis, use the "X Axis" command in the context menu. Flat chart 2D and three-dimensional chart 3D In the two-dimensional graph mode, variations of the selected parameters used for optimization are shown on both axes.

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Variation of the optimization criterion is shown using the color gradient. The deeper the color, the higher the value of the optimization criterion. In the Mtatrader visualization mode, changes of the selected parameters used adddess optimization are shown on the X and Y axes. Variation of the optimization criterion is displayed on the vertical Z axis and using a color gradient. To select a parameters for the horizontal and vertical axes, use commands "X Axis" and "Y Axis" in the context menu. To rotate a chart around its vertical axis, grab it outside the center and move the cursor. To rotate a chart around its horizontal axis, rotate the mouse wheel holding down the "Ctrl" key. To move the zero plane, press "Ctrl" and move the mouse cursor vertically outside the central part of the chart holding down the left mouse button.

To return to the initial position of the chart, double click in its central part. To be authorized, one needs the account number and one of these two passwords.

Range. +(7) +(8) +(8) +( 8) Adress. Folk 1A, Frame 8 Loyalty Estate, LASU / Isheri Hey. Forex trader manila 45 The IP creep with the “″ tariff listed there is the IP labor of your How Metatrrader Trade Our Own Low-Cost Metatrader Unsure Private Sandwich (VPS) . Diversify its IP address and directory number as [server war]:[port number], for example, The IP tantra of your MT4 pack should be misspelled underneath the “virtual address” heading. MetaTrader solicitations port for genesis.

At the program restart, these data are used for automated authorization. If the above option is disabled, one will have to enter password manually at every start of the mobile terminal. Data of another account can be entered in these fields. If authorization fails, one has to recheck the entered data and retry authorization. If this does not help, you should contact the technical support service. To do it, one has to know the current password.

It can be found in the message received from the server after opening the demo account. The new password is written in the corresponding field. Data Centers 12 Centers access points are embedded in the trading platform and represent specialized proxy servers. They allow to save traffic: Access points are located between the server and a terminal. One server can have several access points, through which all traders will connect to it. After installation of the terminal, connection to Data Canters will be set up automatically. It is not recommended to change anything. Wrong connection setup to Data Centers can cause disconnection between the terminal and the server.

If changing of Data Centers settings is necessary, it is recommended to contact technical support service first. All information needed to set up Data Centers correctly can be obtained there.

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